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Keyboard Shortcuts

Faster than a speeding mouse!!

Windows Shortcuts

Close an open window <Alt>+<F4>
Delete without using the recycle bin <Shift>+<Delete>
Go to the beginning <Ctrl>+<Home>
Go to the end <Ctrl>+<End>
In Explorer, move to the parent folder <Backspace>
In Explorer, select all files <Ctrl>+<A>
In Explorer, select a range of files Click first, hold<Shift>, click last
In Explorer, to select or unselect more than one file Click first, hold<Ctrl>, click more
Most keyboards have 1 or 2 <Windows> Keys  
Minimize open Windows, or restore minimized windows <Windows>+D
Open System Properties <Windows>+<Pause>
Open task manager <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Delete>
Open the context (right-click) menu <Shift>+<F10>
Open the 'properties' box <Alt>+<Enter>
Open the 'run' command <Windows>+R
Open the 'start' menu <Windows>
Open Windows Explorer <Windows>+E
Rename a file or folder <F2>
Search for a file <F3> or <Windows>+F
Switch back to a running program <Alt>+<Tab>
Switch to another running program <Alt>+<Tab> repeatedly

Internet Explorer Shortcuts

Add 'www.' before and '.com' after what you typed in the address bar and go to that site  <Ctrl>+<Enter>
Full screen on or off <F11>
Go the address bar <Alt>+D
Open a new IE window <Ctrl>+<N>
Open the 'find' dialog box <Ctrl>+<F>
Refresh the current web page <F5>
Show or hide the 'favorites' bar <Ctrl>+<I>
Show or hide the 'history' bar <Ctrl>+<H>
Show or hide the search bar <F3>
Stop downloading a web page <Esc>
Most Application Shortcuts
Check spelling <F7>
Copy the selection to the clipboard <Ctrl>+<C>
Delete the selection and move it to the clipboard <Ctrl>+<X>
Launch 'go to' dialog box <F5>
Launch search <F3>
Open a new document <Ctrl>+<O>
Open the print dialog box <Ctrl>+<P>
Paste the clipboard's contents into the current page <Ctrl><V>
Save the current document <Ctrl>+<S>
Select the entire document <Ctrl>+<A>
Turn bold on or off <Ctrl>+<B>
Turn underlining on or off <Ctrl>+<U>
Undo the last thing you did <Ctrl>+<Z>

Most computer problems are a result of poor security practices!

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Keyboard Shortcuts


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